The old days of recording in a large recording studio with huge budgets are gone. All you need is an experienced engineer, with high-quality equipment, in a professionally treated room. These are the things I provide, giving you a professional sounding recording that's polished and radio-ready!


The purpose of a mix is to enhance the recording of a song to maximize the listener's impact. I will take the raw tracks and turn them into a professional, polished recording, using EQ, compression, parallel compression, limiting, normalizing, saturation, automation, delay, reverb, creating busses & sends, and balancing levels.


I want every artist I work with to be well equipped and achieve their goals, from songwriting to production to marketing. In other words, I want to be invested in your music beyond the recording and mixing process.

My single goal is to help artists, not only in the studio as a producer/engineer but as a resource in the 'new industry.' This includes:

  • putting together a live show with backing tracks
  • running a successful PR campaign for the new single
  • help turn casual fans into email subscribers, Spotify followers, YouTube viewers
  • assist in marketing the song on various blogs and playlists
  • creating audio ads to run on music sites like Spotify and iHeart Radio
  • setting up a PRO (Performance Rights Org) with BMI
  • work with a publishing company (ex. GRAVEL Entertainment)
  • help pitch songs to real advertisements, movies, television, video games, and others
  • plus much more!

For questions and quote, email or text me!