LAS RECORDINGS is a full-service professional recording studio in NYC, providing modern, high-quality recordings at an affordable price. 
My primary goal is to produce & develop independent artists in the rock and metal community. Let me help you turn your vision into a finished, professional sounding recording that's polished and radio-ready!


LAS RECORDINGS is a professional creative space with high grade quality music tools and equipment while at the same time being an intimate environment where you can have one on one with the producer allowing collaboration and free flow of creativity. Pablo's approach is he taps into the artists vision of the direction they want to take their music and builds on it, he helps intensify the emotion of the song instead of turning it to something else, a rarity in recording studios these days.”

Otan Vargas

Pablo is amazing! He has the ear to guarantee the best possible performance and tones, and has the attitude that ensures you'll have the most stress free experience possible.”

Off the Turnpike

Working with Pablo at LAS RECORDINGS was a great experience. He was extremely professional, was really patient with us, and he gave us nothing less than en excellent recording for our first official single. LAS RECORDINGS is definitely highly recommended!”

The During

Working with Pablo was a great experience. Not only is he very skilled and knowledgeable in his craft, but I felt very comfortable working with him. I felt like he cared about the project and helped me get the results I was looking for. I will definitely be working with him again in the future.”

Jackson James

Recording with Pablo at LAS RECORDINGS has been an awesome experience. The atmosphere is great, nothing is rushed, and you walk away with a professional track. He's very thorough and gets down to business. I definitely learned from this and can't wait to do my next song!”

Dee Dial